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The Text Scrolls Across the Screen Until It Partially Disappears









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This movement born out of artists' dissatisfaction with the emergence of mass production, is making a comeback with illustrated fonts. If you want to stand out from the competition , the Arts & crafts typographic trend is ideal. 18. The morph trend Make way for creativity and movement with this original typographic trend. Don't just pick a single font to get your messages across. You can mix multiple fonts and transition between multiple styles using animation . Your letters are in motion and give the public the impression of being alive and inevitably, it's captivating! 20. Did you say illegible? cinespace concert poster Typographic poster created by Helene_mcd Here's an unconventional typography trend that involves adding a foreground layer to hide certain letters.

The good news is that the human brain loves guessing games and if you choose to hide the correct letters, the message still gets through. To succeed in this sleight of hand, the text must be oversized and the font clearly legible. 21. Font and realism What if we integrated objects into fonts ? The designers came up with the original idea of ​​incorporating textures background remove service and physical objects into the fonts to give a sense of tactile realism . This trend gives the impression of being able to touch the letters, giving them a particular texture. 8bd62a279d64922c6a42eac0964898da With digital taking an increasingly important place in everyday life, the designers have imagined a typography that invites ever more immersion. 22. Missing Letters Where have all the letters gone? To follow the typographic trend of illegibility , the letters that disappear from the screen give dynamism to your web pages.

Again it is advisable to choose a readable and oversized font. Be sure to add plenty of information around it though to be sure to convey your message to the audience. 23. Return of the retro trend Nostalgic marketing works particularly well in 2022. The retro trend is making a comeback after a surge of passion for the 90s. Typography is obviously no exception to this trend, and is also appropriating straight-out graphic codes. times that we perceive as more carefree. Poster by antony Let's take a step back with retro fonts that evoke joy, optimism and reassurance. You'll see more and more retro fonts on packaging, logos, and websites as the year progresses.


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